My years and years of mistakes are now your fortunes.

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I’m selfish. I want you to be great. I’m going to repeat that so I have clarity – I need you to be great. Because the lessons you learn now will be the spreadsheet that someone else will manage when you have left this earth (and hopefully the role you are currently in as the promotions come raining down upon you). The success of your workbook is not built in pretty charts or intricate formulas but in how it stands the true test of time (or Office Update).

If you’re looking for a simple trick to scale the Mt. Everest that is Excel this may not be the droid you’re looking for. It’s Not About The Cell is all about the long game and rewiring the thought process for those who desire Excel proficiency.

About Me

A resident of St Louis, MO, Alex Powers spends his days automating theAlex reporting outfit of a Fortune 50 company and his nights torturing a wife and cats with the sound of keystrokes. Raised on Nintendo NES, Alex is driven by the complexity of simplicity. He enjoys obscure pop culture references and using his unique brand of humor while teaching others Excel. Until he finds a way to make everyone filthy rich, he asks that if you enjoy the website, please donate money to Tenth Life and the services they provide in rescuing stray cats and kittens.


Microsoft Office Specialist – Excel 2010

Microsoft Office Expert – Excel 2010

Microsoft Office Expert – Excel 2013

Microsoft Office Specialist – Access 2013

Microsoft DAT101x: Data Science Orientation

Microsoft DAT201x: Querying with Transact-SQL

Microsoft DAT205x: Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel

Microsoft DAT206x: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel

Microsoft DAT207x: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

Microsoft DAT208xIntroduction to Python for Data Science

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This is a group dedicated to Modern Excel and Power BI users. For power users, developers or dabblers using Get & Transform (Power Query), Power Pivot or Power BI to share the…

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