500 Days of SUM(SUMIFS())

This is not an Excel Lesson… This is a Lesson About Excel. Let’s start at the beginning… Download Workbook Day 1 Function: SUM Describe It: Add all the numbers within a range of cells. Syntax: =SUM(number1,number2,…) number1 can be anything from a single cell to a range of adjacent cells number2 and so on can be anything from […]

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That Pivotal Moment

piv·ot·al ˈpivədl/ Of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something else. Synonyms: central, crucial, vital, critical, focal, essential, key, decisive There is no such thing as “the right time” when it comes to developing your talents in Excel. You are always on call as the swiss-army-knife of information. Today a financial analyst, tomorrow […]

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