All Filler – No Killer

If repetition is the key to mastery, repeating an activity the wrong way is a killer in disguise. A countless waste of hours dedicated to a mundane task. Fortunately, Excel is intended to avoid such things, and the distance between getting it done and being a master is much shorter than you may realize. killer filler [kil-er] verb, Slang task or activity, that is particularly […]

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What The Func?!

Undoubtedly you have called a function a formula and a formula a function; it’s just the nature of the Excel-lingo beast. That stops now. I want you to see functions for what they truly are: computer programming. You may feel like you are not yet ready to call yourself a computer programmer – but you are. And I […]

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Make Spreadsheets Accessible Again!

The founding fathers of Multiplan intended that spreadsheets would be for everyone: the rich and the poor, the data analyst and the data scientist, the sighted and the vision impaired. Often, things that we take for granted make a world of difference to others. Take the appropriate steps now to ensure that your work is up to accessibility standards. Download Workbook Add It: Navigate to […]

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Missed Connections

I saw you from across the Office through the watch window. You were sitting at the table with the perfectly cleansed data. I wanted to approach but just didn’t know the correct queries to ask. I know we would have an instant connection – if you see this, send me your ODC file. post id: 6988676976   posted: 2016-07-15 […]

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Love It Or List It

“What gets measured gets managed.” Peter Drucker Analysts estimate anywhere from 50-80% of their time is dedicated to cleansing information (Source: New York Times). Making use of Excel’s data validation controls can drastically reduce this necessary evil when developed properly. No longer will you spend hours trying to infer if “S” really means “Saturday” or “Sunday”; […]

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The Best Truth Is Data

Information is not an argument, it’s a conversation.  As a developer, having the ability to remove personal feelings about what you think a workbook should be will take you far in you career.  Always be mindful that your end users may simply want the freedom to drive their own story in an easy-to-use format. And that’s perfectly fine. Not […]

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