Defining The Great Divide

Not since the great territory battles of 7-Eleven Vs. Quiktrip, has there been such an unparalleled rivalry: “VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH?“A seemingly innocent question, when asked among Excel users, gives you a general perception of one another. There is one function’s inability to turn left and the others reliance on multiple functions for use. One’s perceived simplicity vs. the others perceived complexity. Are […]

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500 Days of SUM(SUMIFS())

This is not an Excel Lesson… This is a Lesson About Excel. Let’s start at the beginning… Download Workbook Day 1 Function: SUM Describe It: Add all the numbers within a range of cells. Syntax: =SUM(number1,number2,…) number1 can be anything from a single cell to a range of adjacent cells number2 and so on can be anything from […]

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