All Filler – No Killer

If repetition is the key to mastery, repeating an activity the wrong way is a killer in disguise. A countless waste of hours dedicated to a mundane task. Fortunately, Excel is intended to avoid such things, and the distance between getting it done and being a master is much shorter than you may realize. killer filler [kil-er] verb, Slang task or activity, that is particularly […]

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What The Func?!

Undoubtedly you have called a function a formula and a formula a function; it’s just the nature of the Excel-lingo beast. That stops now. I want you to see functions for what they truly are: computer programming. You may feel like you are not yet ready to call yourself a computer programmer – but you are. And I […]

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Make Spreadsheets Accessible Again!

The founding fathers of Multiplan intended that spreadsheets would be for everyone: the rich and the poor, the data analyst and the data scientist, the sighted and the vision impaired. Often, things that we take for granted make a world of difference to others. Take the appropriate steps now to ensure that your work is up to accessibility standards. Download Workbook Add It: Navigate to […]

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The Illusion of Movement

Until you’ve tasted the sour you can never truly enjoy the sweet. Let’s look at two varying statements objectively – Excel is a great application because of its incredible ease of use. Excel is a terrible application because of its incredible ease of use. Getting started is as easy as clicking in a square box and […]

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The Million Dollar Bracket

In our last lesson we talked about following the laws of fields and records. Now is the time to expand on that thought process because everything you knew about cell ranges and formulas is about to get turned upside down with two simple keyboard strokes. Right now is your come-to-Jesus moment. You have been abusing yourself managing […]

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